Let’s get real, you’re here because you’re not exactly feeling shit hot about how you look.

In your attempt to feel as good as Jessica Alba looks,  you’ve tried every diet and bootcamp under the sun and you’re right back where you started from.

Every time you get dressed, it’s like an old school WWF wrestling match and your jeans are the clear winner.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, the answer isn’t out there.

You don’t need more info or food rules you need know how.

You can worry all you like about that muffin top spillage but until you figure out how to think with your stomach and shift the attention to how your insides are feeling, you’re outsides aren’t going to change.

Hi! I’m Elise

I’m here to help you cut the crap, in so many ways.

As a Mindful Nutrition Expert, all things food, nutrition and body love are my jam.

Once upon a time, just like you I struggled with food. I pretty much lived on struggle street.

If there’s a diet or cleanse on this planet, you can bet your pretty face that I did it.

I was a master of the on again off again cycle until I discovered the untapped resource that held the key to me finding harmony with my body and the capacity to stop obsessing and stressing over food.

My body.

Yup sounds obvious but approaching what was best for my body from the space of my mind led me to get caught up in the rules and “should’s” and “shouldn’ts” which took me further from deciphering what my bod actually needed.

So I studied, and I read and I experimented like a mad scientist on myself and discovered  the missing link.


I trialled my newfound technique on my clients and I was blown away that their results matched mine!

No more cravings,

No more obsession,

Better confidence and satisfaction.

No more chasing those last 5 kilos

I learned how to intuitively be in harmony with my bod so that I effortlessly found and am still able to maintain my “happy” weight without constantly dieting and slogging myself in the gym.

And now I make a full time living  teaching people just like you how to do that for yourself.

So when I say nutrition is my jam, I mean it.

Setting your mindset up for success is my everything.

Helping you to LOVE the reflection of dat ass in the mirror is my obsession.

I’m allergic to cleanses, diets, “clean eating”, diet starts Monday mentalities, bikini body bootcamps, and “one size fit’s all” health propaganda.


I’m here to help you become blissfully happy and obsessed with the way you look.


Let’s get your outsides to match your insides.

Because you’ve got better things to do than stress and obsess over every single thing that passes your lips.




1 Week of Mindset, Nutrition and Movement know how to get you looking good and feeling even better!

Let’s makeover your mindset to conquer the mental battle of food and kick emotional eating to the kerb!