Kind Words

I started following Elise’s blog when I was new to practicing at a yoga studio where Elise was a regular teacher.
Slowly I started to go to a couple of her workshops, before eventually joining her group coaching sessions and my only regret is that I hadn’t done it sooner! Elise has taught me so much about sustainable ways to create a healthier body and mind.
Since using her techniques I have felt healthier and happier in myself and have received many comments from my friends and family about looking great! I’ve never been one to weigh myself or measure health by kilos, but it is pretty telling when jeans that were too tight to wear last year are now a little bit too big this year!!!
All of this has come from practicing yoga and following the health tips and mindful eating techniques Elise has taught me.
I can’t thank Elise enough for opening my eyes to a healthier way of living and eating that is not only achievable but sustainable, it has truly changed my life.
Courtney Berry
Human Resources
Elise was amazing to work with!
I felt like she really listened to everything I said and was always a great support. There was never any judgement – only encouragement. I felt the one-to-one coaching was just what I needed to get myself out of a 10 year rut of yoyo dieting and destructive eating behaviours. I'm losing weight and my energy has levelled out – no longer looking for that afternoon sugar kick.
I highly recommend working with Elise. Her personalised approach is exactly what I needed. I have done maaaaany online programs which are just massed produced and didn't work because they weren't catered to my specific needs, unlike Elise's coaching program.
Elise helped me to understand my behaviours and gave me tools and goals each fortnight to focus and work on.
Amber Hawken
Changed my life.
The three words that pop into my head when I think of Elise. I have worked with and beside this incredible human in a professional and personal way for four years and her ability to transform insecurities, self doubt and toxic patterns around food is second to none.
An investment that rewards you for life.
Elise was incredible to work with. An absolute kindred spirit that unlocked many light bulb moments for me during our time together.
Thanks to tools Elise taught me, I am able to get a better grip on my anxiety which was at times extremely debilitating where I can hardly breathe and my limbs seize up. Yet now, while I can relapse, the tools help me get out of it.
I have a much bigger appreciation for myself and my body. I have started thinking “how can I nourish my body today” rather “what do I eat so I don’t get fat”. This has drastically increased my quality of life.
I 100% recommend the journey if you are feeling lost with your nutrition.