Once upon a time there was a girl who LOVED to eat cheese and have a cheeky glass of wine…..


Most days, when 5 o’clock hit she would think about eating cheese and drinking wine on beautiful patios in the sunshine while chatting and gossiping with her bestest gal pals.
One day she realised that all of the cheese and wine she was drinking was making her feel so bloated she wondered if she was pregnant. She felt lacklustre, and blah and it was getting harder and harder to drag her butt out of bed to pilates in the am.


Then she started to notice that her jeans were getting extra tight and that beautiful Zimmerman dress she bought to go to her bff’s wedding was no longer zipping up!


Because of that she decided that enough was enough and she needed to go on a cleanse. So she decided to cut out all of the bad food in her diet. Actually she thought stuff it I need to fit into this dress in 4 weeks why not cut out food altogether, because nothing tastes as good as skinny feels right?
Because of that, she did great  for about 7 days and then found herself wrist deep in a frantic brie breakdown, (with a big glass of pinot of course).


She felt wrought with guilt and angry at herself for caving and being pathetically weak in the will power department. So she started right back up on her cleanse and got back on that juice horse (or something like that).


Things were going great until she caved again, and started ANOTHER 7 day cleanse because THIS was the one that was finally going to work.


THIS cleanse had all of the answers and she would finally be food-worry free and drop those last 3 kilos to squeeze into that dress again.


Everything was going great because THIS was the magic program that would allow her to never have to worry about how she looked and felt ever again!


Until finally she fell off the wagon yet again.


This time she was so disheartened, she felt like Eeyore from Whinny the Poo. And she wasn’t much fun to be around because she was starting to sound like him.



She was completely ready to give up on the hope of ever feeling good in her body again and was about to accept the fact that she would either have to live the rest of her life on a diet seesaw or simply go up a dress size every year.


But guess what? That girl woke up the next day (with a mighty fine red wine hangover) and realised that her life was quickly spiralling  into a bad episode of Sex and the City and that she was not ready to devote the rest of her life to constantly battling shitty hangovers and then lemon water diets to achieve the elusive “balance” everyone was hashtagging about!



And that’s exactly what she did- but it certainly wasn’t overnight.


It took her about 7 years of nutrition, psychology study and a whole lot of personal trial and error but she got there and it felt undeniably good.


She was finally able to eat ALL OF THE FOODS SHE LOVED (including cheese & wine) but without the guilt, the overindulgence, the crappy hangovers and pregnant looking belly.


She was so blown away by her discoveries and she realised that her mission in life was to share her journey and teach other women how to get there a hell of a lot faster than it took her.
In case you haven’t figured it out yet, that girl my loves, is me (insert sheepish face).


Back to Basics and Beyond is basically my life’s journey of trial and error summarised and laid out for you to tackle what I did in about 7 years in an easy to digest, step by step 6 week supercharged program.



AND due to popular demand enrolment is now open until the 10th of Nov and we’re kicking off on the 12th.
So if that girl resonated with you even in the slightest, trust me when I say I GET IT AND THERE IS A BETTER WAY.
Grab the deets and sign up or email me at hello@elisedanielle.com if you have any questions at all.