Listening to your Body isn't Enough

You’re late and your stomach’s grumbling so loudly that it’s starting to get embarrassing. You’re pretty sure everyone and their dog can hear it rumbling in line for your morning cup of joe on your way to work.


 You’re beating yourself up for hitting snooze that 3rd time and forgoing any sort of food prep sounded like a good idea last night but now you’re stomach feels like it’s eating itself and hanger is a near reality.


You scan the pastry cabinet – What the hell can I eat? Muffin? Nope way too many refined carbs.  Granola? Think of the sugar crash afterwards and the oats will have me looking like I’m about to birth a watermelon. Ok so maybe just coffee and suck it up till lunch? No prob not a safe idea I almost literally bit Amy’s head off at the midday meeting last week  because I could hardly think straight… Ahh!!!!


You’re heads racing with all of the numerous options- how the hell are you supposed to ‘listen to your bod’ in these conditions?


That’s exactly right.


You need to listen to your body BUT that’s only half of the equation.


Our bodies are intelligently designed to keep us from starving to death.


So when you’re in starvation mode  (that’s what’s happening after sleeping and not eating for almost 12h) our body just wants fuel.


Fuel in the form of quick, easy to digest nutrients (aka, simple carbs, sugar and fat).


Because you’re bod’s no dummy and it’s main job is to keep you alive and it will, at all costs.


So what’s the other half of this equation?



Learning HOW to read the message.



That takes know how and that’s why up until this point you’ve probably scoffed when people (like me) have told you all you need to do to find balance is listen to your bod.


And you’ve been hear all like “but my body is craving icecream and toast by the truck load!”


So how do learn how to decode?


What’s the missing link – the body translator if you will?


Hiii *waves arms frantically.


I’m well versed in the language of your bod. I know what it’s trying to tell you in it’s (sometimes crazy) way and I can teach YOU to become the best foreign correspondent you’ve ever met!



So before you find yourself on NYE with nothing much to show for except for couple of extra christmas puddings around the waistline, pop me an email: and let’s me know your in!