I’m a BIG believer that in order to make your healthy habits stick, you HAVE to enjoy them!

Life is wayyy too short to do stuff you hate. AND if you are really serious about feeling better in your body and creating a health style that you carry with you for life, you’ve gotta love your choice of movement. I’m always on the look out for new ways of moving my body because I have the attention span of a Labradoodle and I like to try out new fun stuff!

Luckily I’ve stumbled upon a beautiful studio nearby me and a new way of working out that I really fricken love! Now, truth be told, when I first decided to try out Barre classes I thought it wouldn’t be enough of a work out for me. I egotistically took a look at the 2 kilo weights and smugly thought that I’d be cruising through the class no problem.

Well, if you’ve done barre you’ll know it’s totally NOT a walk in the park. I don’t think my butt muscles have ever hated me so much as they did in my first class. The burn is real my friends! I was hooked after that class, and the community and vibe of the studio is amazing!

I was also worried that it would be super dance based because lets just say one of my best qualities is NOT grace.

Here’s a summary of their signature style:

Blending ballet techniques with fitness, yoga stretched, Pilates core work, it is a different and effective way to workout,  Aleenta BARRE is not about dancing and coordination – it’s about mental perseverance,  reconnecting your mind, toning and strengthening your body. A favourite amongst Victoria’s Secret models, and the most popular and effective workout across the US and UK, this exercise delivers an all-body low impact workout whilst also reinvigorating the mind. Whether you choose to take a barre class before work to begin the day on a positive and peaceful note, or wish to relax and unwind after a busy day,  we have barre classes to suit everybody.

And I’m co-hosting a Girls Night In- Barre & Nutrition Workshop with the beautiful Alicia – Aleenta Barre Studio owner on November 2nd to help raise awareness for women’s health. All proceeds will be going to the Cancer Council.

Find out more about the beautiful barre classes and the event here:  www.aleentabarre.com