Paleo Vs. Vegan- My consensus is…………………





Nope, no need for a double take, you read that right.
I could sit here and spout out lots of gloriously detailed info as to why YOU should perhaps eat a certain way.
I could easily lay out the pro’s and con’s of eating Vegan or eating Paleo and I could even give you some hints as to which style of eating might work best for you.
This would all be find and dandy except for the fact that I know you’re beyond that.
After all, a quick google search would accomplish that for you faster than you can say ‘gluten-free-sugar-free-dairy-free *insert wanky treat here*’.
And I have a inkling that you’ve already done that. In fact I KNOW you’ve done that.
You’ve researched plenty, scratching your head and tried for the life of you to figure out what the flying fuck you should be eating to make this whole “balanced lifestyle” crap actually feel anything other than completely and utterly baffling.
The more you research, the more complex it all starts to seem. Are grains the devil?
Can you actually get all of the nutrients you need if you’re a vegan?
Navigating through Dr Google feels as though everything you ever thought you knew about your body and how to fuel it is now foggier than the first day of that juice cleanse you did last month.
Well guess what.
None of it even matters.
That’s right. I’m telling you that it doesn’t matter what you eat.
People have lost weight eating Vegan and people have lost weight eating Paleo.
But you know what else?
People have gained weight eating Vegan and gained weight eating paleo.
I have also had clients the felt bloody amazing eating paleo and yup you guessed it felt incredible eating vegan.
I’ve personally experimented with both and felt great AND terrible at different times.
So if it doesn’t matter what you eat or what special diet you follow what in all that is green and holy does matter???
HOW AND WHY your eating.
These two explorations are the ultimate game-changers.
They enable you to cut through your crap, they force you to pay attention to what’s REALLY stopping you from becoming the beaming, bright-eyed babe you KNOW you’re meant to be.
The chick who is able to finally stop the stress and obsess over her food because there are SO many more important things to be spending her time on.
And that’s just the beginning. Let me help you navigate through the noise to help YOU become the expert of your bod. It’s like one of those create-your-own-adventure/endings-books (remember those?). Let’s put YOU back in the driver’s seat of your health goals and kick the excuses to the kerb.
If you’re keen to take that jump, email me at to apply for a VIP coaching spot and let’s get all Nike on that shiz (minus the sweatshops)!