I’m super excited to share this video with you today…

I’m hell-bent on getting the message across on WHY only focusing on your diet (the food you eat) is the fastest way to fail at your efforts to get healthy and find your happy weight…

I know, sounds crazy at first right?

But think about how you’ve been approaching this so far this year.

My guess is that you’ve been uber outcome focused…..

Like… “I want to lose 5 kilos”

Or… “I want to fit into my jeans”

Or… “I want to feel GOOD in my skin again”

The problem isn’t that you have these goals, it’s that in order for you to achieve them you need to CHANGE your BEHAVIOUR FIRST.

Simply focusing on the outcome ain’t going to get you there…

As I’m guessing your finding out…

So watch this video below to find out WHAT you REALLY NEED to focus on in order to get LASTING RESULTS!

Disclaimer—- the video is shaky, like I’m talking Blair Which Project x100. So feel free just to listen 😉 You’ve been warned…

What you're Eating isn't The PROBLEM...

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