Hola friends!
I have a super simple recipe for you today which is a bit of a spin-off from my egg muffins and just as (if not more) tasty!
Get ready for my Mini Mediterranean Frittata Recipe!
I make variations of this recipe all the time and it’s a favourite amongst my clients. I find it easy to throw whatever I seem to find in my fridge together and I encourage my clients to experiment with all of my recipes to make them their own, but I also know that doing so is sometimes easier said than done!
So here is a scrumptious variation I came up with today so I’d have something to take with me to eat before the #roxyfitness event I’m headed to tomorrow. Because we all know that hanger and exercise do not mix.
These mini frittatas are chock full of  nutrients to get you going! They have a great mix of complex carbs from the sweet potato, protein from the eggs and fat from the feta to help give you a sustained boost of energy to get you through a tough workout or just a long day at work.
These Mini Frittatas also makes a great recovery snack as these guys are super portable and re-fueling your stores of complex carbs and protein is essential to help re-build muscle and recover from exercise properly.
I’m teaching an arm-balancing workshop tomorrow at Stretch Yoga in Brisbane CBD and I’m so excited to delve a bit deeper into the prep for these postures with my students! Workshops are my favourite way to help students take their practice to the next level- and it’s not just about doing fancy pants poses either. I’ve personally found that workshops really help me to break through limiting beliefs I didn’t even know I was holding onto. They are a great way to shed some light into the parts of ourselves we sometimes overlook.
I (think) there might be a couple spots still available but I know we are almost fully booked out. So if you are keen to join head to http://www.stretchyoga.com.au to book in.
I’m also about to launch a workshop series (both in person and online) on how to help you re-connect with your body so that making healthy choices in your life COMES EASY to you.
YES it is possible and NO it doesn’t involve you flogging yourself at the gym 7 days a week and living off of celery sticks and water #yourwelcome. Through this 3 hour workshop intensive we’ll explore ways to become more aware of what your body is really asking for and how you can start to utilise this connection to eat mindfully, create healthy habits THAT STICK heal your relationship with food so that you and your bod are working together..at last!
If you’re ready to stop overthinking every single morsel of food that you come into contact with…this is right up your alley!
I’m taking expressions of interest to find out where the physical workshop will take place so please email me at hello@elisedanielle.com to secure your spot as this will be kept small to ensure I can coach you all personally on the day!

Mini Mediterranean Frittatas

1 small sweet potato
5 eggs
a splash of milk, water or milk alternative to fluff up the eggs
100g (roughly) of feta cheese
50 g of olives
1 clove of garlic (chopped fine or pressed)
Pre-heat your oven to 190 degrees celsius. Grate up the sweet potato and set aside. In a medium size bowl beat the eggs and add a splash of milk or water. Add in the remaining ingredients to the eggs and mix together. Ladle the egg mixture into a lined muffin tray (I love using my silicone muffin tray) and pop into the oven for about 12-15 minutes or until the muffins have risen up and are golden brown on the top. Take out of the oven and set aside to cool before devouring or storing them in the fridge for later!


Happy Friday loves!