Peaches and Cream Smoothie Recipe!


I’ve always been a big fan of smoothies and they’ve made a big comeback with me as of late. When it’s humid and hot out they are so refreshing and I love how I can pack a bunch of nutrients into one easy go.
I’ve found myself in a bit of a smoothie rut sticking to the ol’ banana and cacao combo because well- it’s delicious! I had purchased a couple peaches that weren’t the best I’d ever had so I decided to slice them up and freeze them for this creation- and boy am I glad that I did!
The combo of coconut milk, yoghurt and frozen banana adds to the creamy texture and flavour. It’s really important to make sure that all of your fruit is frozen as it just won’t turn out the same if it’s not. You’re more than welcome to add in a touch of natural sweetness via honey or maple syrup but I find that the banana makes this sweet enough for me.
I added quite a few chia seeds in as I needed this to keep me going for a good 4 hour stint- and it did! The chia adds in a good dose of Omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for optimal functioning of our brain, they help to reduce inflammation in the body and they are fantastic for our overall cardiovascular health.
The Chia seeds also add in a good dose of fibre and they help to keep you full for longer and to *ahem* keep things moving shall we say.
I’m in the works of creating a handy little recipe e-book with easy to make healthy (and of course tasty) recipes and I’d love to hear what YOU want to see in it!
Smoothies? Snacks? Meals? Throw it out there and I’ll see what I can whip up for you.
Now go make this smoothie and enjoy the rest of your Humpday!


Peaches & Cream Smoothie



1 frozen banana (medium size)
1 frozen sliced peach
1/2 cup coconut milk
3 drops stevia
1/2 tsp vanilla
2 tablespoons chia
2 tablespoons greek yoghurt
1/2 cup ice


Pop all ingredients in blender and whip up until it’s smooth and creamy. Pour and serve immediately and enjoy!