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3 Life Changing Benefits of Mindful Eating

August 19, 2016
3 Life Changing Benefits of Mindful Eating
3 Life Changing Benefits of  Mindful Eating



Happy Friday Loves.
When put into practice mindful eating is a serious game changer.
Imagine never stressing or obsessing about food or what to eat EVER AGAIN.
What would that mean for you?
What would that look like?
This  week I wanted to share with you this quick clip of me chatting to Adrianna from Brisbane Barre Studio about 3 Life Changing Benefits of Mindful Eating.
Yup it sounds big- and that’s because it is!
These are the 3 main takeaways that students also walk away with after participating in my “Ditch the Diets” workshop series.
I’m super excited to announce that I’m teaming up with a couple fantastic Studios on the Gold Coast to bring you more opportunities to develop this practice of eating Mindfully.
AND for those of you ready to take it further my course BACK TO BASICS will be released in a months time.
Details coming soon!
In the mean time- have a watch and let me know what not worrying about food would look like for you below!


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My Favourite Natural Cold Busters

August 11, 2016
My Favourite Natural Cold Busters
My Favourite Natural Cold Busters


It’s that time of year my little muffins… Cold and flu season. Yuck.
I was on the edge of a full blown cold but I successfully dodged it despite a really big week of moving and work!
These are my go-to’s when I start to notice the first signs of sickness and I SWEAR by them.
NOTE: It pays off to be connected to your body.  The more connected you are the sooner you can start to notice that you’re beginning to feel “off” and the sooner you can start amping up the self-care to help you dodge the sickness or at least shorten your down-time. That looks so different for everyone, so start paying attention!


The moment I feel the top of my throat start to feel dry and scratchy, I know my body is already starting to fight something and I start pumping myself with these natural remedies:


Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and a powerful antioxidant. Anitoxidants help to protect the body from damage caused by free radicals – which are compounds formed when our bodies convert our food into energy.
Studies have shown that supplementing with 200mg or more is shown to reduce the severity and duration of colds. I swear by taking this stuff and I get on it as soon as I start to feel something coming on.
Zinc is an essential trace element that we is necessary for our health specific for immune function, wound healing, blood clotting and much more.
Taking zinc within 24 hours of the START of your symptoms helps to reduce the length of your cold, according to a 2013 Cochrane review. You’ll want to take a dose of at least 75 mg to get the best result.
Garlic contains a component called allicin which is anti-microbial making it a great option to help treat the common cold.
It’s not just a tasty addition in your favourite Italian dish. Garlic has been found to reduce the frequency of the common cold by 60-70% in people who take garlic supplementation daily. Check out the studies here.
I personally find garlic is one of the best things to dose up on when I start to feel the sniffles sneaking in. Just make sure everyone in the household is consuming whatever garlic laced dish your cooking up!



What superfoods or supplements do you swear by this time of year?
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How to Find Motivation

July 29, 2016
How to Find Motivation..



So you’re feeling unmotivated.
There are niggling habits surrounding your health and diet that you’ve been “meaning” to change or get to but somehow they keep getting pushed to the end of your to-do list.
The chilly mornings have you hitting the snooze button more than you’d like to admit this week.
Have I hit the nail on the head yet?
I originally started this blog post off on a completely different leg.. I planned on talking about my favourite ways to “create change and instigate big shifts in your life”.
But it wasn’t working.
I had some good points but I was over complicating things which was the complete opposite of what I was trying to do.
Then I saw this image on a friends’ business Facebook page (Brisbane Barre Studio-check them out!) and it hit me.
The simplicity of what she said was perfect:


“The quickest way to find motivation? Just start”.


Most of us are natural overthinkers. Our brains naturally seek consistency between our expectations and our reality. When the two aren’t aligned we look for reasons to justify our behaviour or we attempt to change our values (or at least in the moment tell ourselves we are).
And let’s be real honest here… We can all justify the crap out of anything if we really want to.


Case in point:


My brain: “I won’t eat any more poor quality high fat foods”
My brain *sees donut*: “Oooh a donut! Yum” *eats donut*
Some ways that we try to justify our actions to reduce the inconsistency between our values and action:
Change Behaviour: “I’ll stop eating the donut”
Justify Behaviour by changing the value: “I’m allowed to cheat every once and a while”
Justify Behaviour by adding new values: “I’ll spend an extra 30 minutes at the gym”
Ignore or deny info that conflicts with values: “The donut wasn’t that high in fat”
How many times has a version of that played out in your head??
Yup. Me too.
So how do you find motivation if you’ve fallen off the wagon, if you’ve eaten that donut or if you’re hitting the snooze button for the 7th time this morning instead to going to yoga?




Sometimes the Ol’ put one foot in front of the other “get back on the horse” cliches are exactly what you need.
Now I promise I have other tips that will help you along the way.
But I need YOU to show up, to JUST START for me to be able to get you to where you want to be.
So, are you ready?
Find that motivation (because you have it inside of you) and JUST START.


What can you JUST START today? Tell me below and I’ll help you get there.
If you’ve discovered you’re ready I still have a couple places left in my workshop this Sunday: “Ditch the Diets with Mindful Eating”.  It’s the perfect place to start- you can book in here! 
AND if you’re ready to take it further, I have 3 more spaces available in my coaching calendar.
My packages are getting a re-vamp next month and I’m adding a ton of value to them and the prices will be slightly increased. So if you’ve been debating about it – NOW is the time.
Much love to you,
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5 Ways to Stay Healthy while Flying

July 21, 2016
5 ways to stay healthy while flying2
5 Ways to Stay Healthy While Flying
Since moving pretty much to the opposite side of the world to my fam- I’ve also grown accustomed to frequent long haul flights.
 I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve taken a fair few flights or if I’m starting to show my age but needless to say I find long flights and long travel days less exhilarating than I used to.


My last big trip was just a couple weeks ago and YIKES did jet lag ever get me this time around. It probably has something to do with me bragging beforehand that I had never experienced it….
And the fact that:
a) I was fairly anxious/stressed about our upcoming  wedding.
b) I was utterly exhausted going into the trip. Between silly work hours, house purchasing and wedding planning- I was pooped!
c) I was so excited I couldn’t sleep much….on the plane and then after!
Here are my golden rules to stay healthy while flying. The more you can tick off the better you’ll feel afterwards and then you can get on with your holiday (or easing back into reality).


Try your darndest to sleep on the plane. If anyone is a light sleeper it’s definitely me so if I can get a couple hours shut-eye I promise you can too.
Invest in some good quality ear plugs and a good sleeping mask. If you’re a finicky sleeper these make a world of difference! If you’re really struggling try taking something to relax you- Rescue Remedy is great and so is Sleep Remifemin- they both use herbs that help you relax.  HOT TIP: Try to get an exit row, window seat. Best of both worlds! You can move around whenever you need to AND you can lean up against the window for a comfier sleep.
As soon as you get on the plane set your clock to you new time zone and resist the temptation to think of what time it is at “home”!
Constantly thinking of what time it “really is” for you is one big mind f*&k (excuse my french). It makes it harder for you to mentally adjust to the new time zone which makes sleep much more difficult. So switch over and let it go.
Internally: Drink water! I always bring a large empty water bottle on with me and fill it up at the little water stations on the flight with filtered water often! It gives me a chance to move around and I have plenty on hand this way! Passing on the alcohol or soft drink on the plane will also help you to stay hydrated so you feel fresher when you step off your flight!
Externally: I like to wash my face and get all cleaned up at least once through the long flights- it helps me feel like a normal human. I love Essano Rosehip face wipes – they work great and are super convenient.  I love following up with a good spritz of Perfect Potion’s rosewater and toping up my moisture party with Erica Brook’s the Daily Dose moisturiser throughout the flight- like constantly because I’m over 30 now…..yaknowwhatimean?
Plane food is just the pits- let’s be honest. I personally like to experiment with the special diet requests. It’s like a really lame game of deal or no deal minus the pretty girls….
I usually request either a veggie meal or a gluten free meal. They’re (for the most part) less processed and I often get way more fresh fruit and veggies than the regular meals. Bonus- you always get your food first!
I also travel with food- always. At the very least I have a couple nut bars on hand.  I love Lara Bars or Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars as the sugar content is pretty low. Trail mix works too and I’ve also been know to bring whole avocados and veggies on the flight to get some extra veggies and fibre in me to keep things moving along. (My husband LOVES travelling with the weird food chick!)
I hope these tips help you to prep for your next flight- long or short haul these help keep you feeling fresh and healthy long after it’s over!


Any favourite tips I’ve left out? Do you often get hit with jet lag? Let me know in the comments!
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Forgiving Fear with Sarah Miller

July 13, 2016
Hello you Gorgeous Souls!
I’m back in Australia from our dream-like wedding and honeymoon!
Seriously- did it even happen?
We had the time of our lives. Words can not describe how utterly amazing it was to FINALLY have all of our closest friends and family together from Canada and Australia.
It was a week we will never forget and it moves me to tears (quite literally) every time I think of how lucky we are to have so many people that love us enough to fly so far to spend that special time with us.
Ok – now that I’ve gotten all teary over my keyboard- I have something exciting to share with you today.
Speaking of amazing people – enter Sarah Miller.
I met Sarah through a business course I did when I was collecting my balls to dive-into this online biz thing.
Thank god for this lady!
We had an instant connection and I can’t describe what happens when we work together. She helps me to create amazing stuff (if I do say so myself) that I never could have developed on my own. Sarah is one inspiring lady.
Sarah is currently exploring and teaching all things regarding Forgiveness and it’s crazy powerful stuff!
She has recently released a podcast series: F* IT!! Raw Conversations on *Forgiving  with the purpose of exploring what sparks and carries out profound courage, change, and resilience in an individual’s life, even in the most trying hours of darkness.
I was lucky enough to be invited to join Sarah for an episode!
In this podcast we chat openly about:
  • Restrictive diet patterns and how they affect our lives
  • The best practice to deepen your trust in your intuition
  • How to heal your relationship with food
  • How to cultivate trust in your own being
  • Intuitive eating
  • How to love your body
  • How to set yourself up for a successful day
  • What to do when you find yourself out of balance
  • The best practices to finally experience Self love
  • Knowing the difference between the “take a break” and “keep going” signals
  • Using food as the gateway to big life changes
So hop over to to download the free podcast and to get some great journaling tips from Sarah to really make the most out of this episode!


What do you feel you need to forgive yourself for?
Let’s chat! I’ve missed you!